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You won’t just find a job at Hickory. You’ll find a future.


Building a great home, office or commercial space calls for teamwork, and at Hickory Construction, we take the same approach to building our own company. That’s why we’re seeking the most talented people in our industry to join every level of our team, to help us continue providing customers with a top-quality construction experience, just as we’ve done for the past 40 years.

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Why I love working for Hickory...

  • “I love the sense of teamwork and family Hickory instills in its employees. They gave me the opportunity to become a part of an elite team of construction professionals, so I strive to uphold the standards that Hickory sets and that its clients deserve.”

    Jim Wardley

    Foreman • 1 year

    Favorite Hickory Projects:

    • Private residences at Blackberry Farm
  • “We get to work on unique and creative projects. No two projects that come to my desk are ever the same. I also like how everyone works together to achieve a common goal. In that respect, Hickory Construction is much like a tree. Our branches go in many different directions, but we all share the same roots.”

    Tyler Fest

    Estimator • 2 years

    Favorite Hickory Projects:

    • Private residences at Blackberry Farm
    • West Knoxville lakefront residence
  • “One thing I love about working for Hickory is that they really go the extra mile to make sure all their customers are taken care of. Even after a project is complete, they still work with the customer to make sure their investment is everything they dreamed it would be – and then some.”

    Jesus Sanchez

    Apprentice • 2 years

    Favorite Hickory Projects:

    • Waterfront homes at Watts Bar Lake
    • Alpaca barn
    • Tree houses
  • “One of the best things is working for a company that cares about and supports its employees. We’re not just another hire, and you never have to face an issue alone. There is always someone you can call for assistance.”

    Terry Smith

    Foreman • 11 years

    Favorite Hickory Projects:

    • Full-scale residential remodel
    • New owner-designed residence
    • Total residential re-build





If not, there’s a chance your employer may not know either. At Hickory Construction, we’re a career-minded company that believes hard work and performance should be recognized and rewarded. View our current job postings today to find out where you might fit into the Hickory team.


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