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July 8, 2016

East Tennessee Construction Firms Take Advantage of Industry’s Growth

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As Tennessee’s construction sector enjoys a period of rapid growth, area builders are seizing an opportunity to add talented workers to their arsenals.

The state’s construction employment base is up 11 percent from last March and at a five-year high, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The long-term outlook is healthy, too: The bureau expects the nation’s construction sector to grow 10 percent over the next ten years, a higher rate than any other major industry.

That creates an opportunity for firms like Hickory Construction, a fixture in the East Tennessee building market for nearly 40 years.

“As the demand for high-quality construction work grows, so does the importance of hiring the best workers,” said Hickory Executive Vice President Jim McMillan. “In order to meet the needs of our expanding client base, we have to be proactive about recruiting top-notch talent.”

Hickory is currently focused on hiring estimators, project managers, site supervisors and subcontractors to grow the thriving business, which features robust commercial and residential divisions.

“We hire the best because we expect the best – just as our customers expect of us,” McMillan said. “Our quality has to be consistently reflected within the Hickory family by the folks on our team.”

Construction job openings are at a post-recession high, according to a February Bureau of Labor Statistics report. As competition for workers intensifies, firms like Hickory must be deliberate about instilling positive company cultures that attract and retain top talent.

For its part, Hickory offers a slew of benefits intended to keep its employees satisfied and productive. Perks include bonus programs, safety incentives, professional development opportunities and retirement plans.

“If we invest in our workers’ futures, they will invest in us,” said Hickory President Ben Pinnell. “We appreciate our builders’ dedication to their craft and want them to know they are valued.”

The strategy appears to be working: Nearly half of Hickory’s employees have been with the company longer than nine years.

“We’re proud of the culture we have built and glad our employees want to remain part of it,” said Pinnell.

Hickory’s challenge – filling its construction teams with elite personnel – presents an opportunity for men and women alike who want to launch a rewarding career path.

“We are excited about what the industry’s growth means for our company,” said Pinnell. “We’re eager to hire the best talent the market has to offer.”

Any individuals interested Hickory’s job openings should visit http://hickoryconstruction.com/hickory_career/ or contact Mary Rice at mary@hickoryconstruction.com for further information.





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