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We are committed to exceeding client expectations by creating exceptional spaces for living, working, learning, and playing at the highest level of luxury and sophistication.
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Creating Exceptional Spaces

Our vision at Hickory Construction, Inc. is to continue setting the standard for excellence in the construction industry. We are dedicated to creating unparalleled spaces that surpass the expectations of our clients, providing them with environments where they can live, work, learn, and play at the highest level of luxury and sophistication.
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What People Say About Us

"You have to have the processes in place and the expertise locked, but the people, the soft component, is the game changer for me at Hickory. Special folks delivering a wonderful customer experience."
Twin City Automotive Group
“I have never felt more at home in my life!! Thank you for such a profound experience! I will be eternally grateful!”
Hickory Client
“Hickory has always had the culture of ‘do the right thing’ and I believe your team is living up to that.
Hickory Subcontractor